This is a hand-held USB paper shredder with a 4.5 inch opening. It’s USB-powered but you can also use batteries when you have to carry it around.

It has forward and reverse buttons, and will cut your paper into thin strips with ease. It may not look as classy or cool as this Portable Mini USB Paper Shredder I reviewed before but it does its job quite nicely nevertheless.

If you want to show off and have some fun, this portable hand paper shredder will do the trick.

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One Response to “Portable Hand-Held USB Paper Shredder”

  1. Clifford J. Sanders says:

    Portable Shredding Power!This USB powered paper shredder is perfect for travellers, notebook users or anyone with limited space! This paper shredder will cut any sheet up to 4.5-inches wide into thin strips. It also features a forward and reverse button for easy control and can run on four AA batteries (not included) when a USB port is unavailable.