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Portable Hand-Held USB Paper Shredder

This is a hand-held USB paper shredder with a 4.5 inch opening. It’s USB-powered but you can also use batteries when you have to carry it around. It has forward and reverse buttons, and will cut your paper into thin strips with ease. It may not look as classy or cool as this Portable Mini […]


Portable Mini USB Paper Shredder

This small but effective USB paper shredder is definitely one of the best ones you can get. It doesn’t require any driver installations on your PC (or Mac) , and the best part is that it’s in fact portable and you don’t even need a PC to use it: it has batteries as well so […]

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Reasons Why You Need a USB Paper Shredder

There’s dozens if not hundreds of different USB gadgets you can buy, but if you ask me one of the coolest ones are definitely paper shredders. There’s plenty of reasons why you simply must have a USB paper shredder and for that reason I decided to write a short list of my favorite ones. You’re […]

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