This is a hand-held USB paper shredder with a 4.5 inch opening. It’s USB-powered but you can also use batteries when you have to carry it around.

It has forward and reverse buttons, and will cut your paper into thin strips with ease. It may not look as classy or cool as this Portable Mini USB Paper Shredder I reviewed before but it does its job quite nicely nevertheless.

If you want to show off and have some fun, this portable hand paper shredder will do the trick.

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Portable mini USB paper shredderThis small but effective USB paper shredder is definitely one of the best ones you can get. It doesn’t require any driver installations on your PC (or Mac) , and the best part is that it’s in fact portable and you don’t even need a PC to use it: it has batteries as well so if you want to use it in the kitchen to shred your wife’s recipes you can do it.

The USB cable is quite long and you won’t have problems placing it anywhere on your desk. It also features an ON/OFF/Reverse switch on the top, and a plastic container that will catch all shredded paper. This shredder is also very quiet and reliable, and it also has a letter opener on the side. Overall, I think it’s awesome.

You can get this paper shredder from different shops, and I included some top ones here along with prices so you can check it out:

Note that the prices may be subject to change to check the shops to make sure they are current. I buy a lot of stuff from Amazon usually and I like it, but it’s up to you where you want to get it, as long as you do because paper shredders are awesome!

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There’s dozens if not hundreds of different USB gadgets you can buy, but if you ask me one of the coolest ones are definitely paper shredders. There’s plenty of reasons why you simply must have a USB paper shredder and for that reason I decided to write a short list of my favorite ones. You’re welcome to add your own thoughts in the comments below.

1. USB paper shredders are practical

Indeed they are: unlike those other paper shredding beasts USB paper shredders are typically very small and won’t clutter your desk. In fact they’ll help you clean it up by easily getting rid of unnecessary paper.

2. Shredding paper is fun

Really, it is. After a long and boring day at work (or even at home) you can grab as many sheets of paper as you like and relieve some stress. Try it, you’ll get addicted!

3. USB paper shredders are cheap

Unlike the other monstrosities that cost typically over $500, USB paper shredders are extremely cheap and you can buy one even for less than $20. If you’re looking to shred some paper these won’t break your budget.

4. Shredding paper is safe

Don’t let your wife find those letters from your mistress or see what your bank account balance really is. Or, show your curious co-workers your documents are for your eyes only. Whatever you need to hide, USB paper shredders will make sure it stays that way.

5. Nobody has USB paper shredders

Really. Of all the USB gadgets you can get paper shredders are probably one of the most rare and unusual ones. Be unique and brighten up your desk with something new and awesome.

6. USB paper shredders are awesome gifts

An excellent birthday present for your co-workers or friends. Surprise them with something completely new this year.

There you go, those are my six top reasons why USB paper shredders are awesome. If you’re still not convinced you need one then you’re a lost cause.

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